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Firemen Sam's Fire Truck

Fireman Sam’s is in his truck and working hard and there are 8 really cool levels to play. Using the arrow keys to drive and tilt and the space bar to fill up you must make it to end to put out the fire, the public are relying on your truck driving skills. Careful when driving as the last thing you want to be doing it flipping the truck over and not making it. You cannot move onto the next level until you have completed the previous. Are you ready for this all important challenge? Sam and the public believe in you.

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Truck games are awesome for a lot of reasons. One reason is that you can run over things like zombies, cars and anything foolish enough to stand in your way. If that doesn’t appeal to you, maybe you’d prefer one of the precision truck driving games offered here. A whole bunch of challenges arise when you’re driving a giant truck through an obstacle covered course. Do you have enough skill to guide a giant 18-wheeler through crowded streets? There’s only one way to find out! Play these games, and see if you’re better at skillful driving or wholesale destruction.